Mobile SPecialty Veterinary Surgery 

Healing Hands Veterinary Surgery, LLC ‚Äč

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Puerto performs many types of orthopedic surgery.   The most common surgery performed is cranial cruciate ligament repair, analogous to ACL repair in humans.   There are many techniques to treat this injury and Dr. Puerto performs the advanced TPLO and Arthrex Tightrope repairs in addition to the traditional lateral suture repair.   He also treats congenital problems such as patellar luxation (MPL), hip dysplasia, OCD, elbow dysplasia and growth deformities.   Traumatic injuries such as torn ligaments, joint dislocation (luxation) and broken bones can also be treated.    

Anesthesia and Pain Management

Healing Hands Veterinary Surgery will team with your veterinarian to provide safe anesthesia and post operative pain management.  We are skilled in regional anesthesia to help your pet feel more comfortable after surgery.   Regional anesthesia means we will provide local nerve blocks or epidural anesthesia.  These techniques allow your pet to wake up pain free and help to reduce the amount of general anesthesia needed for surgery.  This makes for a smoother and safer anesthesia for your pet. 

Soft Tissue Surgery 

Dr. Puerto has extensive experience in all areas of soft tissue surgery.  Abdominal exploratory surgery can be performed to diseases of the intestines and stomach (GI tract), the liver and gallbladder (hepatobiary), spleen, kidneys and bladder (urinary tract).   Cancer (oncologic) surgery is often needed to treat tumors and reconstructive surgery after tumor removal or trauma. Airway surgery to treat brachycephalic airway disease of pugs, bulldogs and other short nosed breeds and laryngeal paralysis in older patients.  Chronic ear disease can be relieved by performing total ear canal ablation (TECABO).  These are just a few examples of surgeries that are available. 

Please ask your veterinarian if any of these specialized procedures is right for your pet!